Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Loop and fade

You may know how to dreate a series of superimposed pictures that cross fade into each other?

It's not too hard give each picture a fade entrance followed by a delay and then a fade exit (you will need at least PowerPoint XP to do this). Now with careful adjustment of delays the series of pictures will fade up, cross fade into the next until all the pictures are seen.

The last "until all the pictures are seen" is the problem. Often you would like the animations to loop and show the pictures again until you stop them.

PowerPoint cannot really do this. You can create a one slide custom show and have the whole slide repeat but this doesn't give me the control I want!

So I wrote a very complex custom custom animation to get exactly what I wanted.

You can look at a demo here

DOWNLOAD a demo here!

or buy the Add In to create your own easily with no programming experience here

Loop & fade Add In

Once the animations are created you no longer need the Add In instaled. Your presentation will play on PCs without the Add In or even in the free viewer.

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