Wednesday, October 3, 2007

PowerPoint Jigsaws

If you would like to use Jigsaw reveals in PowerPoint the usual way is to search for the 4 piece puzzle pieces included in XP and 2003 to 2003. Ungroup this shape and set each shape to background fill using format shapes.

There are a few problems with this:

1. The shapes cannot easily be resized because the picture changes.
2. The lack of straight edges and corners mean it won't be realistic.

PowerPoint Alchemy have had proper pieces for sale for a while but now there's a new add in which automatically trims you picture to jigsaw shapes. It can can make either 4, 9 or 16 piece jigsaws.

Because the pieces are "proper" pictures you can resize, adjust contrast and brightness (tint in 2007!) and apply any animation that you like.
Link : PowerPoint Jigsaws

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